Porcini Arancini

We had some leftover Porcini risotto lying about, so we rolled it up into little balls, egged ’em, crumbed ’em, and fried ’em.

Served on a bit of spinach, courgette, leek and rocket with a squeeze of lemon.

Really crispy and hot, but so dense and rich in the middle.


Italian Night

Tommy Waters and Barlow came round for a bite after football.

Italian night, old fashioned and simple.  And not a bit of meat in sight.

Caesar salad, ricotta with green beans and tuna, aubergine and yellow courgette fried and covered in lemon.

Also, some giant tomato Bruschetta that were devoured before we could put a camera to them.

Then the simplest pasta ever, which happens to be incredibly more-ish.   For now, let’s just call it Pasta Prado – much more to come soon.

There is a deficiency of food photos, because there was an excess of red wine and conversations.

Yay for friendship.


Stale, stale sourdough bread has no better home.

Untypically anti-traditionally, I split this into two parts – so the taste is the same but there is a hot and a cold part of the same soup.

The blitzed beef tomatoes (+garlic and basil oil) are like a cold soup.

The bread is braised with more beef tomato, a little chilli and garlic and served hot on top.

Finished with mint and fresh chilli.

So much more than the sum of its parts.

Leek and Dolcelatte Risotto. Asparagus.

These photos look like faded old menu shots, which I quite like

It’s a simple, quick risotto

Sweat buttered leeks and asparagus butt-ends with thyme

Add the rice and coat in the butter

Ladle in hot stock until the rice is al dente

Then finish by melting some hunks of strong but silky Dolcelatte into the risotto and adding chives

Served with asparagus spears fried in lemon zest on top

Really comforting, strong and creamy with a fresh, zesty asparagus to cut through

Kiwi Bloody Mary Breakfast

I’m wanting the weekend on Wednesday, so I’ve popped up this breakfast.

Apparently people in New Zealand eat it.

Swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, soft boiled eggs.

And the English, and slightly less healthy, touch of very strong jug of bloody mary.  I put wholegrain mustard in this mix, and boy was it good.

Here’s a mid-week tip of the cap to Saturdays and long, lazy mornings.

Ravioli a piacere

“A piacere” means play as you go, or improvise in Italian.

For this ravioli, my accomplice left the pork shoulder (the main element of the filling) at my house (we were cooking at her house).

This is sort of my fault, as we only moved between houses because I lost the keys to my house, but only realised at my front door.

So that meant arriving at house number two at 9 o’clock, with pasta still to make, work still to do and no filling.

Pasta was made a lightning speed

I raided the window pots for herbs – parsley and sage and rocket

I grated the left over ossau-iraty cheese from the weekend

I bound it all up with mascarpone

Then we made our little parcels together – all odds and sods, and had a giggle

Cooked for 2 minutes and then tossed in a brown sage butter, served over leaves

They were a triumph

A day that should have been full of arguments and frustration ended up full of herbs, cheese and happiness

That’s an even bigger triumph