Some prize culinary colemanballs

Where to start?  This assortment of no no nos come in no particular order of un-preference.

We have my grandmother’s “lemon meringue pie”.  You are my grandmother, and I love you, but this is an epic fail.

We have a coffee shop in this country called “Cilantro”.  WTF?  If anyone used that word for coriander here, they would ask why it is relevant to a coffee shop and think that the thought of coffee and coriander is disgusting.  As it is, they just say “What?”.

There is a “Salmon Cottage Pie”.  No wonder this was abandoned at the checkout in Saino’s.  No. No. No.

To finish, the greatest wine listing of all time from Efes Turkish Restaurant in London.  Needless to say, I got this wine.