Cambozola and Spring Onion Omelette

This is a great snack or breakfast.

Spring onions sweated and coloured quickly.

30 second omelette with a lot of moving around in the pan + a touch of dried chilli.

Diced Cambozola sprinkled in.

Folded over to get the cheese melting.

Bit of watercress on the side.



Hangover Bacon and Marmalade Sandwich

We were not feeling so hot this morning, courtesy of a Ben and Michael flat warming/tequila festival

Take note though, hangovers can be banished with this combination of bacon and marmalade:

Fry the bacon til crispy and then toast your bread in the bacon juices in the pan with a little butter

Lather with marmalade (a true friend of the pig) and ingest alongside multiple cups of tea

Now I feel well enough to post

Two Tricks – Olives and Honey

Trick One


Buy yourself a big tub of cheap green olives

Toss them in a tray with orange peel, rosemary, garlic and olive oil

Roast them in the oven for twenty minutes

You’ve got a snack or a party food that, I guarantee you, is better than you can buy

Trick Two


I have always loved honey with cheese

If you stick a few sprigs of thyme in a little pot of honey and leave it in the cupboard it gives the honey a really interesting and delicious note that goes perfectly with strong cheeses

Kiwi Bloody Mary Breakfast

I’m wanting the weekend on Wednesday, so I’ve popped up this breakfast.

Apparently people in New Zealand eat it.

Swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, soft boiled eggs.

And the English, and slightly less healthy, touch of very strong jug of bloody mary.  I put wholegrain mustard in this mix, and boy was it good.

Here’s a mid-week tip of the cap to Saturdays and long, lazy mornings.

Soda Bread Breakie with bacon and egg.

Nothing really needs to be said about this one.

Apart from that I also finally worked out how to use the frother on my coffee machine (see Cappuccino attached in sweet ass mug)