Risotto of the Holy Limes

As the amazing Lisbon begins to feel like an increasingly distant memory, I thought I’d better start putting up the food…

The pinnacle of our food experience in Lisbon was this, the Risotto of the Holy Limes

The story is almost disgustingly sweet (I still like it), but the risotto was perfect

It began with limes picked from the trees in the church in Alfama, and the sweet lime leaves and prawns from the stall in the INCREDIBLE Fish Market in Ribeiro

Then a fish stock made with bream heads and prawn shells, fennel, pimentos and pink peppercorns

The lesson learned from CourtBouillon – a tiny slice of holy lime hidden at the bottom of each plate.  A risotto finished with local cheese, parsley, sweet lime and chilli

The end result?  A delicately fishy and spicy risotto that was both rich and fresh.  Beautifully pink and flavoured by the shells, creamy from the cheese and zesty and clean because of the herbs.

Maybe the best thing I’ve ever cooked.  Definitely the best way to spend a 24th birthday night, in the best apartment/present I’ve ever stayed in/been given

Thanks Steph


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