CourtBouillon (Attempt 2)

Not to be deterred by the disastrous first attempt, we stepped back into the ring with CourtBouillion ebulliently.

Having post-humously diagnosed the cause of our defeat on attempt 1 via transatlantic phone calls with some hardened, bonafide CourtBouillon professionals, we began with another fish stock:

Grey Mullet the fish of choice this time.  It’s a really underrated fish – fleshy, flavourful with a skin that can be crisped.  Great fast fried, but strong enough to hold together in a slow stew.  And cheap too – known as it is in CourtBoullion’s home country as mere bait fish.

PLAIN Flour. The missing link in our last attempt.  Hey presto, the roux gently sweetened our onions, green pepper and celery, instead of clinging and clagging around them as before:

Then the tomato, spices and seasonings work their magic with the fish.

The result?  The favourite Cajun dish I’ve come across.  Served upside down, built upwards atop a slice of lemon (what a good idea), it is eccentric.

Fresher and lighter than you’d expect, but still rich and satisfying.

Happy tummies, and soothed egos, all round.

Credit (entire credit), of course, to the Cajun Queen – @snooman


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