Dinner at the Allcott-Lions’

Having found solidarity in the world of office sin in the shape of Dare’s latest power couple Will and Alex, we all thought it was time to make things official by having dinner.

Alex and Will were the generous hosts.

For me, the best part of the meal was a seriously good sprouting broccoli and sesame salad, of which there is unfortunately no picture.

I couldn’t eat the mussels, which looked amazing, because of the bain-of-my-life-geek-molusc-allergy.  The sauce was great though.

There was even a thai red curry alternative, before a gooey chocolate fondant.

Lesson 1: Don’t forget about doing the starter and have to lovingly craft a crab based pate at 6.30 in the morning.  It just feels wrong, and you’ll end up holding back a mixture of tears and vomit.

Lesson 2: Alex only has one ball, but her brother is cool with it.

Lesson 3: Penu is a great term for your special little guy, but dastardly as a punning springboard.

Lesson 4: Will Lion is a very accomplished cook, and doesn’t even need to ding-a-ling the bell for the help.

Lesson 5: Graham Moore (@BillyRalphie) doesn’t really get social media.


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