CourtBouillon gone wrong

Well.  What can be said about this debacle?

The pictures will tell their own story

After 3 genuinely shocked, shocking and failed rouxs, it dawned upon us that the flour was self raising, and our spirits sank

We should have been forlorn.  We had genius Caper Martinis instead.

We took the fish stock we had made by boiling the fish remains with veg:

We whipped up a mayo, adding celery leaves, some more capers and lemon juice and zest…

We boiled rice in the oven with the fish stock we had made – a revelation that gives a sticky rice-like texture, and an incredible flavour.

We roasted up our Trout fillets over wine, lemon, celery, bay and seasonings…

And we served with some Samphire fried in dried chilli…

A lesson learned about how to treat flour and butter.

Another victory snatched from the jaws of defeat.

I’m still waiting for a food disaster that makes us sad.


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