Ravioli a piacere

“A piacere” means play as you go, or improvise in Italian.

For this ravioli, my accomplice left the pork shoulder (the main element of the filling) at my house (we were cooking at her house).

This is sort of my fault, as we only moved between houses because I lost the keys to my house, but only realised at my front door.

So that meant arriving at house number two at 9 o’clock, with pasta still to make, work still to do and no filling.

Pasta was made a lightning speed

I raided the window pots for herbs – parsley and sage and rocket

I grated the left over ossau-iraty cheese from the weekend

I bound it all up with mascarpone

Then we made our little parcels together – all odds and sods, and had a giggle

Cooked for 2 minutes and then tossed in a brown sage butter, served over leaves

They were a triumph

A day that should have been full of arguments and frustration ended up full of herbs, cheese and happiness

That’s an even bigger triumph


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