Heston’s Cod. Cod. Leek. Potato. Stock. Mustard. Pea shoots.

At the weekend, I made Heston’s Cod from Waitrose – I am, in many ways, a bit of a Waitrose geek.

The most interesting thing about it is the sauce, which is a leek and potato based sauce with fish stock and cream.

I always take a tiny slice from fish fillets and turn it into a bit of crispy fish crackling in the pan by letting it stick repeatedly with a little butter, which isn’t in the recipe.  That’s what is sitting on top of the dish.

I dressed some potatoes and asparagus with Sherry Vinegar, shallots and mustard and topped it with Pea leaves.

The sauce is subtle and velvety.  I think I’d add Chervil to it, and maybe Lemongrass, in future.

It’s really easy to do, if you skip the sieving parts of the recipe which aren’t really necessary for home cooking!, and was  pretty cheap too.

In general, the Waitrose recipes are great and I’m using them more and more.


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