Sausage Stew. Tomato. Chili. Sausage. Sage. Garlic.

When I can’t afford to buy the more expensive items at The Ginger Pig I resort to this – the cheapest (and quickest) of my one-pots.


This is no compromise though.  It’s hearty and honest, and it was the beginning of my current one-pot penchant.


The sausage does, of course, maketh the stew.  I splash out a bit more on good ones.  I like to mix it up with different types in the same pot.  Sausage-roulette.


The chili warms your cockles, the tomato revives you, the sausage sustains you and the different beans make you feel you like you are healthy after all.


Left-overs work well as a pasta sauce.



Sweat onions and carrot with garlic.

Add a glass of red wine and cook this off.

Add the diced sausages, and chopped tomatoes (and maybe real), chili, sage, and a little stock.

Cover and cook for an hour ish at 200.

Towards the end I add in borlotti beans, and broad beans

Again, I also finish with a bit more sage and fresh chili.



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